The patient attended with a broken front tooth after a fall and some temporary cement was placed over the exposed nerve of the tooth to give pain relief and stop the tooth from spitting apart.

An appointment was scheduled for the broken tooth to be removed and an implant to be placed into the tooth space. Some impressions were taken and a temporary denture made to fill the space while the implant knits with the bone.

The broken tooth was extracted and the implant placed into the socket. A small metal healing cap is placed over the implant to protect it and allow the gum to heal naturally around it.

When the implant has knitted with the bone and the gum is nicely healed and pink an impression is taken to make the new abutment and porcelain crown.

A metal abutment is made to fit into the implant on a replica model…….

……...and a beautiful porcelain crown is made to fit over the metal abutment.

The abutment is fitted into the implant………….

……...and the crown fitted over the abutment.


The patient has their smile restored!

This is the process followed for the placement of a simple 1 tooth implant into a patient who has broken their front tooth. This allows the front tooth to be replaced without the need to wear a denture or to damage any of the other teeth, by cutting them to support a bridge!

Implant Placement

Dr Jarrad  B K Rose

 BDS (L’pool) DPDS (Bristol)


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